Common Issues with Theme Installation

Demo import breaks after a few minutes, with a message "503 Service Unavailable"

Possible cause

This issue is usually caused by the "imagick" PHP server extension. This extension activates the ImageMagick module for work with graphics. But, this module is known to cause issues on some servers. For example, LiteSpeed server is experiencing issues, but Apache server not.

How to solve, immediate fix

Even if the demo import prpcess breaks, it's possible to simply continue it. So, simply re-open the demo import page (WP admin -> Loyde -> Import Demo Data), choose the same demo as before, and run the import again. Repeat this until the import page shows the "Import Complete!" message.

How to solve: permament fix


  1. If you have access to a web control panel (e.g. cPanel), go to PHP Options and turn off "imagick" extension.
  2. If you can't change PHP settings yourself, or don't feel comfortabel dooing it, you can contact your hosting provider.
  3. After this, go and import the demo in a usual way (WP admin -> Loyde -> Import Demo Data). This time, it shouldn't be interrupted anymore.