Sticky Content Box

Sticky Content Box custom WPBakery Page Builder element, added by Loyde, acts as a grouping container for other WPBakery elements instances, applying a "sticky" behavior.

When the elements inside Sticky Content Box become "sticky"?

Elements inside Sticky Content Box become "sticky" when another DOM element is about to leave the visible part of screen. It is possible to:

  • Define which element will act as a trigger
  • Offset, to slightly move the trigger point downwords, further from the screen edge.

How to configure the sticky behvior


  1. Add a Sticky Content Box instance to the edited page or post
  2. Add other desired WPBakery Page Builder elements inside the content box. These elements will become "sticky"
  3. Open the Settings for the added element
  4. Open the "Sticky" tab
  5. Optionally, in the "Class of the Trigger Element" field enter a CSS class name which will be used to identify the trigger element. If left blank, the first found "row" parent will be used
  6. Optionally, in the "Sticky Offset" field enter an integer number which will be used as a sticky behavior trigger offset (in pixels) from the top part of screen. So, sticky behaviorwill be applied when the element gets to N pixels from the top screen edge, where N is the entered offset
  7. Save changes.

How to apply primary & secondary accent color to the element

See description here.

How to apply a basic styling, which applies to the element as a whole

See description here.