Layout Blocks Custom Post Type

Layout Blocks Custom Post Type

The crucial mechanism that enables editing UI elements is a custom post type, "Layout Block". All created layout blocks are available under WP admin -> Layout Blocks.

Layout Blocks classification

Layout Blocks are grouped according to the type i.e. desired role of that particular layout block. Loyde demo comes with these groups (i.e. types) of layout blocks:

  • Blog Post Single Template
  • Careers Single Post Template
  • Case Study Template
  • Event Page Template
  • FAB
  • Footer
  • Header
  • Header One Row
  • Header Three Rows
  • Header Two Rows
  • Header With Full Height Logo
  • Header With Overlapping Bar
  • Mobile Header
  • Single Post Template
  • Small Desktop Header
  • Sticky Cta Buttons
  • Sticky Header
  • Tablet Header
  • Team Member Page Template

Adding new Layout Blocks type

It's possible to define new layout blocks types. This is useful when:

  • the user wants to create new layout blocks with a specific designated role (or behavior), and
  • grouping these new layout blocks into a separate group would make it easier and convenient to work with them.

To add a new layout blocks type:

  1. Go to WP admin -> Layout Blocks -> Layout Block Types
  2. Enter Name and Slug
  3. Click button "Add New Layout Block Type".

Overview of used layout blocks for a page/post

To see an overview of used layout blocks for a page/post:

  1. Go to WP admin and open the page/post for editing
  2. Scroll down, and find the metaboxes* below the editor
  3. Expand Referenced Layout Blocks: Overview

This provides an overview of all parts of the current post which are edited separately. It also offers a way to quickly go and edit one of the referenced layout blocks, by clicking on the "Edit..." link next to it.