Widgets and Widget Areas

Widget Areas

Loyde defines multiple widget areas:

  1. Primary
  2. Child Pages
  3. Case Studies
  4. Team Members
  5. Events

More widget areas can be added by 3rd-party plugins (for example, WooCommerce).

For each of these widget areas, it's possible to add one or more widgets. Note: After importing the theme demo, most of the widget areas will already have added widgets.

Where are widget areas displayed

Widgets (i.e. widget areas) can be displayed on:

  • Pages
  • Posts (blog, case studies, team members, ...).

Primary purpose for most of the widget areas is indicated by the name.

However, thanks to the flexibility of the Loyde theme, any widget area can be displayed on any page/post.

How to choose widgets (widget areas) for certain content types

Selecting widget area can be done on two levels of hierarchy:

  • Select widget areas globally, for all pages or posts of certain type (blog, CPT posts, ...)
  • Choose widget on individual page or post. This overrides the globally selected widget area. More info here.

Select widget areas globally


  1. Go to WP admin -> Loyde -> Theme Options
  2. Open the desired content type (blog, case studies, ...)
  3. Under field Choose Widget Area select the desired widget area.

It's possible to choose widget areas for:

  • Pages
  • Blog archive (blog listings page)
  • Blog single posts
  • CPT (Case Studies, Team Members, Events) archive
  • CPT (Case Studies, Team Members, Events) single post

Choose widget on individual page or post


  1. Open a page or post for editing
  2. Scroll to custom fields
  3. Under field Desired Widget Area for the Current Page choose desired widget area. More info here