Theme Options Footer

Enable/disable footer

By default, footer is present (displayed) on website pages. But, it's possible to disable it. After that, footer will be hidden on all pages/posts, unless it's been explicitly enabled on individual pages.

To disable the footer:

  1. Go to WP admin -> Loyde -> Theme Options -> Footer
  2. Under Use Footer? choose "No".

Choose a custom footer

Loyde has the default footer, with a simple layout and designed with the theme look&feel. However, it's posible to customize footer by choosing separate, fully customized footer.

Loyde offers possibility to build completely custom footers using the page builder. Internally, this feature is built upon the Layout Blocks custom post type. More info about layout blocks can be found here More information here.

To choose the custom footer (i.e. the corresponding layout block):

  1. Go to WP admin -> Loyde -> Theme Options -> Footer
  2. Under field Footer Layout Block, choose desired layout block. To edit existing or create new layout blocks, go to WP admin -> Layout Blocks.