Creating Blog Posts

Creating blog posts is done following the standard workflow in WordPress. On top of that, Loyde offers a few additional enhancements which help with customizations. These enhancements are actually post-related settings (fields in the post editor) added by Loyde.

Please note that there are multple ways to create a blog post, and exact steps depend on the personal preferences. Below we'll describe how to create a blog post, and optionally set some additional settings using the Loyde page-related settings.

Basic Steps


  1. Go to WP admin -> Posts -> Add New
  2. When the editor opens, enter the post name and click "Save Draft"
  3. Compose the blog content
  4. Once you're satisfied with the result, click "Publish".

Optional additional steps

The created post can be further customized and tweaked, by overriding global settings. This is done using the custom fields. More information here.