WooCommerce Mini Cart

WooCommerce Mini Cart custom WPBakery Page Builder element, added by Loyde, renders the clickable WooCommerce Cart icon (and shows the current number of items in the cart).

How to hide the cart always, even when WooCommerce is active?

By default, WooCommerce cart will be displayed always, if WooCommerce is active. However, sometimes it's useful to keep the caft hidden even when WC is active. In tnis case, cart won't ever be displayed, regardless of add-on presence on the page, or WooCommerce active status.


  1. Add a Video Popup instance to the edited page or post
  2. Open the Settings for the added element
  3. Open the "General" tab
  4. Tick "Hide the Cart Always, even when WooCommerce is Active?"
  5. Save changes.

How to apply primary & secondary accent color to the element

See description here.

How to apply a basic styling, which applies to the element as a whole

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