FAB Popup Content Box

FAB Popup Content Box custom WPBakery Page Builder element, added by Loyde, acts as a grouping container which enables “popup” behavior (hover/tap one child item to open the other in a popup). This element on it's own isn't enough to produce the "popup" effect. Instead, it's necessary to add two instances of a related element, FAB Popup Content Box - Inner.

How to produce the "popup" behavor


  1. Add an FAB Popup Content Box instance to the edited page or post
  2. Inside this element, add an FAB Popup Content Box - Inner element instance
  3. Repeat the process, and add another instance of FAB Popup Content Box - Inner
  4. Open Settings for one of the two added "FAB Popup Content Box - Inner" instances
  5. Open the "Popup" tab
  6. Tick the "Hidden (Revealed as Popup)?" checkbox
  7. Save changes.

Which of the two FAB Popup Content Box - Inner instances is always displayed, and which one is open on hover?

"FAB Popup Content Box - Inner" instance with unticked (disabled) option "Hidden (Revealed as Popup)?" will be always displayed. The other instance (with ticked "Hidden (Revealed as Popup)?") will be revealed on hover over his sibling.

How to apply primary & secondary accent color to the element

See description here.

How to apply a basic styling, which applies to the element as a whole

See description here.