Edit Header Using Page Builder

Loyde offers possibility to build completely custom headers (content at the top of page) using the page builder. Internally, this feature is built upon the Layout Blocks custom post type. More info about layout blocks can be found here.

After importing theme demo, appropriate header(s) and footer(s) will already be constructed, imported and selected. They can be edited at any moment, or new ones can be created from scratch.

Pre-built "header" layout blocks found in demo

Theme demo ships with a number of "header" layout blocks. They are found under WP admin -> Layout Blocks, grouped as:

  1. Header
  2. Header One Row
  3. Header Two Rows
  4. Header Three Rows
  5. Header with Full Height Logo
  6. Header with Overlapping Bars

Selecting a header built with page builder

Header (i.e. the desired layout block which will be used as the header) is selected at WP admin -> Loyde -> Theme Options -> Header. More info here.

Edit an existing header layout block

To edit layout blocks:

  • go to WP admin -> Layout Blocks;
  • open the desired block for editing, and edit it using WPBakery Page Builder.

Choose different headers for different screen sizes

It's possible to choose four separate "header" layout blocks, for different screen sizes. More info here.

Fallback: Default header

Building custom headers (using page builder) is completely optional. If no custom header is selected for any of the screen sizes, Loyde will display the default header. The default header is built into the theme, and it follows the general visual look&feel of the theme.