Build 404 Not Found Page Using Page Builder

Loyde offers possibility to build completely custom 404 Not Found page using the page builder. So, when the user tries to open a non-existent page or post, the custom 404 page will be displayed.

Selecting a custom "404 Not Found", built with page builder

"404 Not Found" page is selected at WP admin -> Loyde -> Theme Options -> "404 Not Found" Customization. More info here.

Pre-built "404 Not Found" pages found in demo

Theme demo ships with a number of "footer" layout blocks. They are found under WP admin -> Pages, with the name starting with 404 Not Found Page.

Edit an existing custom "404 Not Found" page

To edit layout blocks:

  • go to WP admin -> Pages;
  • open the desired page for editing, and edit it using WPBakery Page Builder.

Fallback: Default "404 Not Found" page (theme-defined)

Building a custom 404 page (using page builder) is completely optional. If no custom 404 page is selected, Loyde will display the default 404 page. The default 404 is built into the theme, and it follows the general visual look&feel of the theme.

Overriding the default "404 Not Found" page

It's possible to edit the default 404 page. But, it includes overriding the corresponding theme PHP template.


When doing any customization of theme templates i.e. theme source .php files, it's highly recommended to do it through the child theme. Otherwise, if the modification is done directly to the theme files, the change will be overridden on next theme update.


  1. Copy Loyde child theme to your server;
  2. Activate Loyde child theme instead of Loyde;
  3. Copy file 404.php to your child theme. Original location of 404.php: /wp-content/themes/loyde/404.php; location of the copied 404.php: /wp-content/themes/loyde-child/404.php;
  4. Modify the copied 404.php in the child theme according to your needs.

Loyde already comes with the child theme. It's part of your download package from ThemeForest, as mentioned here.