Choose Common Layout for All Posts

Choose common layout for all blog/CPT posts

With Loyde, it's easy to compose a fully custom layout for all single posts of a certain type (blog posts, or CPT posts). It's done using a feature called "blueprints".

About the concept of "blueprint" templates

Basically, a "blueprint" is a predefined layout, built using page builder and saved as a layout block.

"Blueprint" templates are dynamic in nature: the layout is the same, but it displays different values according to the currently open post. This is done using a few special-purpose custom WPBakery elements:

As is the case with other cross-pages UI fragments, the blueprint templates are basically instances of our Layout Block custom post type. Loyde demo comes with a few prebuilt blueprint templates:

  • WP admin -> Layout Blocks -> Blog Post Single Template
  • WP admin -> Layout Blocks -> Case Study Template
  • WP admin -> Layout Blocks -> Event Page Template
  • etc.

Are blueprints mandatory?

No, using "Blueprint" templates is not mandatory. They are simply an enhancement. The user can at any time revert to using the default theme layout for all posts.

Benefits of "blueprint" templates

Benefits are:

  • If default layout is unsatisfactory or a completely different layout is needed, "blueprint" templates offer a great way to design a completely custom layout.
  • The blueprint templates can be edited at any moment in the future. After a blueprint is edited, all posts using that blueprint will immediatelly reflect the change.

Blueprints in the theme demo

Theme demos come with a number of predefined blueprints, so users can continue using the existing blueprints, edit them, or add new ones. As mentioned, it's all done using the page builder.